Robotic Legends

Robotic Legends is a multiplayer shooter in which you can create your own custom robot by choosing parts from a long list of helmets, shoulder pads, motors, guns, missiles and legs. You can also change the color of the pieces to make your robot even more special.

Create and customize your robot piece by piece and fight against other robots to become a legend in the galaxy.

A new epic DeathMatch

Unlimited respawn

You can die as many times as you want in the game. You will always respawn in seconds in another part of the map to continue playing.

Character customization

Combine hundreds of parts and skins to create your unique robot.

Missile and gun equipped at the same time

You will always have one gun and one missile equipped at the same time, and you can shoot from both.

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Even more

Unlimited ammo

All weapons have unlimited ammo refills so you never run out of fun.

Without losing objects

When you die you don't lose or drop items so don't worry about dying.

Respawn protection

During the first few seconds that you respawn on the map at the start of the game or when you die, you will have invincibility to avoid being killed as soon as you respawn.

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Play online or alone

You have online mode, LAN mode and individual mode against bots.

First and third person

You can switch the camera just by pressing the V key. And with the mouse wheel adjust the zoom.

Battle pass and achievements

With the Battle Pass you can get many rewards for free as you climb and level up. Unlock the most difficult achievements to show others your great power.